Rapid Escape Exit

The Invention is charectrized by the following:

  • Ease of use for all ages even for people with special needs and even babies in encubators (Hospitals)
  • Ease of access to safety to the out side the building
  • No need to pass through all the below floors.
  • Ability to evacuate over 600 person in record time (not exceeding 3 Minutes)
  • No need for special evacuation methods such as helicopters.
  • the ability to evacuate disabled people who have motion problems (Disabled, unconscious,..)
  • Easily accommodated in the construction of new buildings and even with the capability of adding it to existing ones.
  • Safer and more secured than external stair cases.

This new safety method is for the evacuation of structures such as (Buildings, Sky scrapers) through the evacuation of each floor without the need to pass through other, may be dangerous, floors. This new method even includes segments that the previous safety measures didnt include or had a special method dedicated for them such as (Disabled, Babies (in incubators)) which in some case needed to be evacuated by helicopters which took a lot of time depending on the number of people who need to be evacuated. .



AlRiyadh News (26/2/2009)

Dr. Ashwan was the Guest Speaker of that day's program called (PATENTS) which speaks about the accomplishments of Saudi minds.

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Twasul.com (18/3/2014)

Dr. Ashwan Al Dosari was mocked for his inventions but was adopted by china for millions. This article discuss the biography of this Saudi Inventor who introduced his ideas to the government officials and many institutions and the response was one " If it would work the West would have invented it by now".

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Sayidaty Magazine (8/10/2013)

An article titles "Saudi National Dr.Ashwan Al Dosari invents Self Sastained Fire extiguishing Chamber".

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Arabic China TV (CNTV) (21/12/2011)

Dr. Ashwan Al Dosari and his Accomplishments, One of many inventors and innovators who leave their country to achieve their dreams and ideas into reality and their destination, CHINA.

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