The Mobile Automated Runway

Invention is a device that works to solve The three problems Of emergency landing of aircraft. Designed appropriately to suit all types of aircraft. The Problems controlled by the invention:

  • In ability to lower the landing wheels.
  • A malfunction In The Brakes Of Aircraft Tires
  • Problems with the Airport runway. (Ice for example)

The Invention Characteristics

  • Used For All Types Of Aircraft Of Different Shapes And Sizes.
  • Designed To Respond To The Direction Of The Side wind
  • Moving On A Private Railway By Momentum Jet.
  • The Device Is Controlled By The Autopilot And Satellite.



AlRiyadh News (26/2/2009)

Dr. Ashwan was the Guest Speaker of that day's program called (PATENTS) which speaks about the accomplishments of Saudi minds.

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blog1 (18/3/2014)

Dr. Ashwan Al Dosari was mocked for his inventions but was adopted by china for millions. This article discuss the biography of this Saudi Inventor who introduced his ideas to the government officials and many institutions and the response was one " If it would work the West would have invented it by now".

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Sayidaty Magazine (8/10/2013)

An article titles "Saudi National Dr.Ashwan Al Dosari invents Self Sastained Fire extiguishing Chamber".

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Arabic China TV (CNTV) (21/12/2011)

Dr. Ashwan Al Dosari and his Accomplishments, One of many inventors and innovators who leave their country to achieve their dreams and ideas into reality and their destination, CHINA.

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